Business Retention and Expansion Survey

​Business Owners: Take the BRE survey to help us build a community that’ll support you!  We want to know what it is like to do business here from a business owner’s perspective.

BRE is a community-based program that engages local business owners to examine the local business situation and strengthen the ability of the community to understand what businesses think, and purposefully respond to local business needs.

The BRE initiative will provide help us better understand our current business environment and what is needed for local businesses to expand and operate more effectively.  We hope this is an opportunity to build stronger relationships among local businesses, government, and development agencies in the community while creating an improved system to identify the local business issues and provide support in solving those issues.  Lastly, we will have a better idea of what our community’s local business climate is as seen through the eyes of actual business owners and the data you provide will inform future actions to address local business needs more effectively.


Click the link below or scan the QR code to get started taking the survey!

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